How do I improve, model
or optimize mobility?

Urban-Engine objectively evaluates mobility networks by leveraging big data. It gives insight in the strength and weaknesses of transport service plans including bike, bus, train and car.

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Urban Product

Urban-Engine shows visually how a transport network is performing. A mobility score is assigned to every area based on how quick a passenger can travel towards other areas. The development of mobility plans relies heavily on domain knowledge and best practices.

Urban-Engine objectively evaluates the quality of these public transport, road and bicycle networks. By utilizing large amounts data and computing power Urban-Engine calculates the mobility score. The insights can be used to share, evaluate and optimize the current mobility network.

Data Sources

How it works?

Areas are scored on mobility by requesting thousands of journey plans.


Urban-Engine uses maps, timetable data and a journey algorithm to request travel plans between points.


The initial journey request is repeated to all possible destinations in the surrounding area


This step is repeated for all possible origins to finally have a location matrix with travel plans


This matrix is enriched with meta-data, for example how many inhabitants within a city can be reached

This is in a nutshell the of the Urban-Engine.

Urban Engine features

Urban-Engine is constructed of multiple features that individually can be used to highlight and strengthen analysis.


How far can you travel within a certain time period?

Mobility scores

Reachability performance indicators on hectare level.

Journey planning statistics

How many options can you take to your destination?

Service plan evaluation

Evaluate current service plans and test future service plans.

Attractiveness across modality

Compare bike, bus, train and car or combine modalities to evaluate attractiveness for the traveler.

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Want to read more about what the Urban-Engine does and can? Read our white paper here!

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Urban Engine Showcases

Check below how the Urban-Engine is being used in different settings to demonstrate the power of mobility insights produces by the engine.

Accessibility and house pricing

Accessibility and house pricing

The Urban Engine has been at the core of an empirical study of accessibility measures in house pricing models for the University of Amsterdam.

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The impact of bicycles on journey planning

The impact of bicycles on journey planning

Using a bicycle as pre-transport for public transport significantly changes travel patterns. Still journey planners are not able to cope with this combination of modalities.

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The importance cycling in an end-to-end journey

The importance cycling in an end-to-end journey

The majority of journey planning apps have the option to choose either public transport or bike as modality. However, the combination of using a bike with public transport is often overlooked as option.

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Urban Engine Usage

Public transport operator

Urban Engine can provide an objective data driven evaluation of your network planning.

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Municipalities and government bodies

Transport and mobility is an important aspect of your community. The quality of your public...

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About Urban Engine

Mobility affects us all and is one of the key drivers for an efficient economy. A technological revolution is causing the industry to rapidly change, driven by the vast availability of high quality data. Now is the time to put this data to use and fuel innovative initiatives.

We from Urban Engine have dedicated ourselves to do exactly that: boost innovation by using data to its full potential. All in pursue of our objective: improving mobility all around the world! Are you ready to join our endeavour?

We combine our years of experience in the mobility sector with creativity, pure data science and our love for coding to build the applications of tomorrow.

The availability of enormous amount of computing power in combination with multiple new data sources ask for a new approach in the industry.

Utilising the strength of geo-spatial visualisations helps us to understand complexity in an intuitive way and provides us with the insights used to fuel improvement. Our goal is to provide these insights and boost improvements while doing what we love.

Interested in what we can do for you? Check out our demo’s, our solutions or get in touch. We love to hear from you!

Urban Engine Team

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